Get me re-write

Dan Balz of the Washington Post begins his story on this year’s House races as follows:

After months of unrelenting bad news, President Bush and his Republican allies have begun to change the mood, if not the overall trajectory, of a midterm election campaign that has tilted against them for a year.

This is a near-perfect reflection of the liberal world-view — objective reality in America is bleak, but the Karl Rove spin machine is blowing so much smoke that, notwithstanding that reality, the masses are beginning to cheer up.

In recent election cycles, Democrats have consistently been disappointed when, as the electorate begins to focus and similtaneously begins hearing a message other than the left-leaning MSM drumbeat, Republican prospects begin to pick up. This phenomenon suggests a correlation between hearing the Republican message and an improvement in Republican fortunes. But, in my view, the cause of the improvement is the fact that, in contrast to the “unrelenting bad news” served up by liberal organs like the Washington Post, objective reality in America is not unrelentingly bad.


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