Hearing Is Believing

We linked the other day to a news report about Iowa Senator Tom Harkin’s apparent endorsement of Hugo Chavez’s attack on President Bush as “the Devil” at the U.N. Now I’ve listened to the audio, and it’s pretty remarkable. You don’t hear much about Harkin these days, but he is one of the most far-left politicians ever elected to the Senate. If the Democrats were to re-take control of that body, he would be a senior and prominent member of their caucus.

As Harkin expressed himself over the radio, he found Chavez’s attack on President Bush as “the Devil” entirely understandable. Harkin says that all Muslim countries used to love us, and it’s only the President’s fault that we now have problems in the Muslim world. He also seems to experience some confusion about which “Chavez” he’s talking about.

Harkin must have taken some heat for his comments on the radio, because he put a completely different statement on his web site, after the fact. To see what he really thinks, listen to the audio below:

UPDATE: One more thing. When you listen to Harkin’s comments in Iraq, bear in mind that he voted in favor of the Iraq war resolution!


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