How bad is the Amnesty International Report?

In his Boston Herald column, Jules Crittenden takes a look at the recent Amnesty International Report on Hezbollah’s conduct in the war: “Hezbollah war crimes: Amnesty International cries Uncle.” Jules is pleasantly surprised, but this paragraph leaves us in some suspense regarding AI’s pending report on Israel’s conduct:

AI did not address the issue of an estimated 1,000 Lebanese civilians killed when Israel attacked Hezbollah fighting and command positions that had been established within populated villages, or the use of civilian vehicles, buildings and clothing by Hezbollah fighters, who also sometimes fought in Israeli uniforms.That is still the subject of investigation, and AI announced those issues, unlike the Hezbollah violations, are too complex for immediate comment. Readers will recall that perceived Israeli transgressions were what attracted the most attention and condemnation during the Lebanon conflict, and that those occurences were largely presented as Israel’s fault. It will be interesting to see if AI attempts to sort out how many of those 1,000 were actually Hezbollah guerrillas, and how many cases of “Israeli” attacks on civilian buildings and vehicles — such as ambulances — were staged Hezbollah propaganda events, and in some cases, if the dead were actually dead, or play-acting, or being recounted and shuffled around.


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