Minnesota’s Fifth: Symphony without music

In today’s Washington Times, Minneapolis-based columnist Barry Casselman takes a look at the Democratic side of Minnesota’s Fifth District congressional race that we have been following here: “Minneapolis free-for-all.” Casselman’s column provides insight into the dynamics of the race. One aspect of the race that the column only hints at, however, is what appears to me to be the single most remarkable fact about it. The race has observed proprieties that are Victorian in their restraint.

In one respect, however, the race has violated Marquess of Queensberry Rules. Under Marquess of Queensberry Rules, no seconds are to be allowed in the ring during the rounds. Jumping most notably into the ring to second Ellison in the race has been the Minneapolis Star Tribune, and its assistance to Ellison has been invaluable. Ellison’s opponents have relied on the local press — foremost among which is the Minneapolis Star Tribune — to do its job, but it has so far failed miserably.


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