Stop Apologizing, Already

Now the Pope says he’s “deeply sorry” that he offended Muslims. Meanwhile, no Muslim leader has been reported apologizing, or even expressing regret over, the murder of an Italian nun in Somalia. Witnesses to the murder say it “appeared to be linked” to Muslim hysteria over the Pope’s speech; those witnesses spoke “on condition of anonymity for fear of reprisals.” Reprisals? From members of the Religion of Peace? Why on earth would they be worried about reprisals?

The Pope has nothing to apologize for, and the last thing he should do is chase after Muslim spokesmen with an ever-more-abject series of apologies. They can’t be satisfied, and more apologies just give them the opportunity to utter absurdities like this one:

The heads of Muslim countries have expressed dismay at what they see as offensive comments and religious leaders have called it the start of a new Christian crusade against Islam.

Yeah, right: the Pope gives a theological lecture and it’s the beginning of a “crusade.” No mention, of course, of the centuries of invasion of Europe by Muslims.

There is a fundamental conflict here between many Muslim leaders, who demand that no one say anything about Islam except as approved by them, and the West, which recognizes freedom of speech. Pope Benedict serves neither himself nor the West when he appears to recognize as legitimate Muslim demands for a veto on all discussion of their religion and their place in the world. The Pope’s message to Muslims should not be an apology; it should be: Get over it.

Via Power Line News.


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