A Fristful of fence after all

Republican National Committee e-campaign director Patrick Ruffini wrote us and others yesterday to assure us that President Bush would sign the Secure Fence Act:

There has been some speculation in the blogosphere today that President Bush would not sign the Secure Fence Act, after signing a bill for funding border fencing last week. This is not the case. President Bush will sign the Secure Fence Act.
The CNN clip from President Bush cited by Mickey Kaus is the definitive record on this, and reflects his intention to sign the bill.

Though he has given up the alliteration that has highlighted his coverage of the issue, Mickey Kaus remains suspicious and unpersuaded. Captain Ed, however, is persuaded, as I am. Glenn Reynolds comments: “The somewhat weak response that Kaus got from the White House…suggests that they need to work on their PR operation a bit more.”


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