Why are these people applauding?

Reader Brian Horey writes:

Even more astounding than the trivial 28-month sentence Lynne Stewart received for abetting a convicted terrorist in his efforts to spread still more hate and death around the world, was the resounding ovation she received on the courthouse steps after the sentencing. One can only wonder at the thinking that led a group of presumed fellow New Yorkers to laud a woman who saw fit to assist a group of people that would rain death and destruction throughout the city if given the chance. One would think that, at the very least, their own sense of self-preservation would override their instinct to cheer a hero of the Left in this instance.
In another time when humility and decency were still seen as virtues, Lynne Stewart would have been left to slink off around the corner of the courthouse in shame after sounding a note of contrition for this crime against her fellow citizens. Instead, New Yorkers who are endangered by her warped and reckless notion of “client service” are left with their mouths agape at this spectacle of celebration by people who appear utterly blind to the threat represented by the terrorists Lynne Stewart saw fit to aid. This disquieting and shameful episode can be viewed here. The misplaced priorities so clearly on display on the courthouse steps are a perfect example of why liberals have so little credibility on security.
Brian T. Horey


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