Kennedy Surging

Last Friday, we posted Mark Kennedy’s new television ad, which takes the Iraq war head-on. We expected it to be effective, and it has been. The Kennedy campaign has just finished its latest round of polling, and the new ad, combined with Kennedy’s matchless work ethic and the Republican resurgence that we are seeing over most of the country, has sliced Democrat Amy Klobuchar’s lead in half. Mark is now within single digits and closing fast.
One more thought: yesterday was the fourth anniversary of the Wellstone plane crash that, together with his subsequent funeral, was one of the decisive events in the 2002 campaign. Recall how much changed after that tragic accident, which happened just eleven days before the election. We are now twelve days out from November 7. Momentum is flowing in the right direction, and there is plenty of time for Mark and other Republican candidates to close gaps and cement leads.
Newt Gingrich writes about the shifting political winds:

If you’re hearing about this shift in momentum for the first time, don’t worry. You’re not alone. New York Post columnist John Podhoretz thinks it may have something to do with the difference between that he calls “Mainstream Media Time” and “Blog Time.”
Mainstream Media Time is slow and still clings to the conventional wisdom (or is it a hope?) that the 2006 elections are a foregone conclusion of Republican defeat.
Blog Time is fast — it moves at the speed of the Internet. It started noticing the momentum shift to Republicans earlier this week.
Which will be proven right is anyone’s bet. But my money is on Blog Time.

If you haven’t yet contributed to Mark Kennedy’s campaign–or even if you have–please consider going here to make a donation. The campaign wants to do a final ad buy to help put Mark over the top. Please help!