Leo Hindery, meet Martin Smithers

Reader Max Newton reminds us of the Business Week hit piece on President Bush — “Tragedy and telecom” — by one Leo Hindery. Business Week described Hindery as a telecom executive; Business Weeek forgot to mention that Hindery had been CEO of Global Crossing, the company that made a number of investors rich, including former DNC chairman Terry McAuliffe, but turned out to be riddled with fraud, and collapsed into one of the biggest bankruptcies ever.
Business Week also forgot to mention that Hindery was a Democratic Party activist and fundraiser, and was, in fact, a contender for the chairmanship of the Democratic Party. John noted Business Week’s omissions in “Business Week publishes Democratic Party hit piece as news, forgets to warn readers.”
Max reminds us of John’s peek inside Business Week in connection with Gawker’s inquiry into commenter Martin Smithers at Business Week’s recently redesigned Internet site. Gawker asks: “Business Week’s ‘Martin Smithers’: Sock puppet, or satirical genius?” Free Republic has also posted the inquiry here.


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