As Luck Would Have It…

…John Kerry will be in Minnesota tomorrow to campaign with Democratic Congressional candidate Tim Walz. Our friend Lieutenant Colonel (Retired) Joe Repya issued this statement earlier this afternoon:

The men and women serving in the uniform of our nation are not fodder for politicians to joke about. By insulting veterans and active members of the United States military as uneducated losers, John Kerry owes an apology to all the brave men and women who have ever worn the uniform of our country. As a 2005 veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom, I call on Tim Walz and the DFL Party to immediately denounce Kerry’s deeply offensive remarks and rescind their invitations for Kerry to campaign in our state tomorrow.

Joe is being modest; he is not only a veteran of OIF, but also of Vietnam and the first Gulf War.
My guess is that Kerry will have apologized by tomorrow, but it will be interesting to see whether veterans turn out to protest his appearances in southern Minnesota.
UPDATE: Kerry will attend a DFL fundraiser at the St. Paul Hotel at 8:30 tomorrow morning. At noon, he will be in Mankato with Democrat Tim Wald at a “veterans’ rally.” That should be something to see! It would be nice if some protesters, veterans and others, turn up at these events.
FURTHER UPDATE: Iowa Democrat Bruce Braley has canceled his scheduled campaign event with Kerry. Braley termed Kerry’s comments about our soldiers “inappropriate.”
No word yet on whether Walz will cancel tomorrow’s appearance in Mankato.


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