Green thoughts

Joe Malchow reports that results of the Dartmouth alumni constitution voting will be released today. Joe notes that nearly 25,000 (or 37 percent) of the alumni voted. The vote total represents an increase of 12 percentage points over the last trustee election.
Both Paul Mirengoff and I have written here about the late, great, greatly missed Dartmouth history professor and medievalist Charles T. Wood. Professor Wood was a long-time colleague of Dartmouth President James Wright. When John Hinderaker and I met with President Wright earlier this year, we shared warm memories of Professor Wood.
Professor Wood was a friend of the late medievalist John Bell Henneman, Jr. Yesterday Henneman’s son TigerHawk quoted extensively from a paper that Professor Wood gave in Henneman’s memory. TigerHawk recalls his father on the anniversary of his birth and notes that Professor Wood’s paper bears on the controversies of the day, even though the paper dates from 1999.
PAUL adds: If I recall correctly, Professor Wood was a faculty representative on the admissions committee, and I’ve always suspected that he played a role in my admission to Dartmouth — an event warranted by little in my application except perhaps for a slight demonstration of aptitude for the study of history.
In any event, Professor Wood seemed to have a soft spot for me from the day I met him at a History Department open house during freshman orientation. That didn’t prevent him from giving me a devastating C+ on my first ever Dartmouth paper — a sophomoric (in the high school sense) effort on the Catholic (don’t call it “Counter”) Reformation. Fortunately, I redeemed myself somewhat on the final exam and then fully in Wood’s great class, “Renaissance and Reformation.”


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