Pride of Minnesota, take 2

The New York Post reports on our hometown heroes of the Minnesota National Guard unit that fired the shot heard ’round the world yesterday: “GIs drop smart bomb on Kerry.” We proudly salute the members of the 1st Brigade Combat Team of the 34th Infantry Division (MN National Guard).
In her Star Tribune column today, Katherine Kersten takes off from the story of the day and visits with a Minnesota family that helped the Marines meet their enlistment goal last year: “Some good news about those who defend our country.” Kathy expands on her column at Think Again, her Star Tribune blog.
Two questions for the Star Tribune: Why is it left to the New York Post to report on the most interesting local angle on the story of the day? Is it because the Star Tribune didn’t hear about the shot heard ’round the world yesterday? Our friend Hugh Hewitt devotes a column — “What the MSM doesn’t know and doesn’t care to find out” — to reflections that bear on my questions.
UPDATE: Reader David Ward writes:

Thank you for your great work and especially the coverage of the picture of the soldiers mocking “Jon Carry.”
My daughter is on the far right in the picture. We spoke to her last night and again this morning. They are quite astounded at the coverage. They were furious at Kerry’s remarks and wanted to do something. I guess they did.
Yours truly,
David Ward


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