Catch the Northern Alliance

Our last pre-election radio broadcast will be this morning from 11 to 1, centrral time. As usual, I’ll be on the air with Brian “St. Paul” Ward and Chad the Elder from Fraters Libertas. We’ll be talking about some key local races that will have an impact on the national results. We’ll no doubt hash over Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mike Hatch’s recent melt-down. And we’ll talk about the key races around the country. We may have call-ins from some candidates.
You can listen here on the web.
Monday night, by the way I’ll be on Larry King Live, talking about–what else?–the election. Tuesday night, the radio gang, along with Mitch Berg, King Baniain, and Michael Brodkorb, will be at Republican Party headquarters, reporting election results, interviewing candidates, etc., on the Patriot.


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