Don’t Look Now, But…

…the latest round of Mason-Dixon polls looks pretty good for the Republicans, at least in the Senate: Allen down one, Talent down one, Steele down three, Corker up twelve, Chafee up one, DeWine down six, which is not great, but a big improvement. If you give any credence at all to the conventional wisdom that the Republicans’ GOTV effort is worth at least a couple of points, all of these races, except probably DeWine’s, are winnable.
This round contains bad news for Santorum and Bouchard, neither of whom has made much headway if Mason-Dixon is right on those races. But generally, the results show movement in the Republicans’ direction. Likewise with the ABC/Washington Post poll, which has President Bush with a 43% approval rating and the Democrats ahead by only six in the generic Congressional preference ballot. I don’t believe this one, but it shows how much leeway there is in pollsters’ methods. Whereever you live, vote on Tuesday.


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