This is why we watch the games

Redskin coach Joe Gibbs’ second “term” in Washington has had more ups and downs than the second Bush administration (more ups, anyway). If nothing else, Gibbs has revived the storied Redskins-Cowboys rivalry with two stunning come-from-behind wins in the past two seasons.
Last year, a moribund offense came to life in the final minutes to score two stunningly quick touchdowns on long pass plays to Santana Moss to steal a 14-13 victory. Today, with Moss missing the game through injury, the Redskins again were outplayed most of the way, and appeared doomed when, with score tied, the Cowboys lined up for a relatively easy field attempt in the dying seconds of the game.
But newly acquired veteran Troy Vincent blocked the kick. As time expired, Sean Taylor outfought the Cowboys for the loose ball and ran it back a little past midfield. That meant overtime, or so we all thought. But a Cowboy had grabbed Taylor’s face mask on the return, and a game can’t end on the penalty. With 15 yards tacked on, the Redskins had the opportunity to try a last gasp 47 yard field goal to win the game.
On came Nick Novak, on the team only because of an injury to regular kicker John Hall. Novak is a local favorite — he had a tremendous career kicking the University of Maryland and last year (during another Hall injury) kicked a game-winner against Seattle. However, he had been poor this year, making only 1 of 4 field goal attempts since his return. In fact, his missed kick from about 47 yards a minute earlier had given the Cowboys the chance to win.
This time, Novak’s kick started out wide right. However, it drifted back towards the upright and cleared it (on the good side) by maybe three inches. The result — Redskins 22 Cowboys 19.
My wife often asks me why I waste three and a half hours on nice fall days “torturing” myself. I sometimes wonder that myself. THIS is why.


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