The somewhat solid south?

It may be that the last minute vote broke against Republicans in some parts of the country without breaking against them in the South. Republican efforts to pick up seats in Georgia appear to be going ok. Republican challenger Max Burns is leading in Georgia 12 and Republican challenger is Jim Marshall is dead even in Georgia 8. In Florida, incumbent Republican Vernon Buchanon looks like he’ll hang on in a race that was of some concern. In western North Carolina, Democratic challenger (and former Redskins QB) Heath Shuler is ahead, but if anything the late vote may have broken to his opponent who had been trailing big time according to some polls.
Meanwhile in Virginia. . . . .???
UPDATE: I should have added that the Repubs may hold onto Mark Foley’s old seat. No trend should be inferred from that (if it happens or if it doesn’t) because that race is unique, to say the least. Nonetheless, it would be sweet if Negron (who is held in high regard by some conservatives here in Washington) could hold that seat without even being on the ballot.
Currently, he’s a few votes behind, but Michael Barone says that a disproportionate number of the votes yet to be counted come from a solid Republican county.


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