What they’re saying

Michael Barone says that the uncounted precincts in Virginia are a mixed bag, but that on balance they are likely to favor Webb. He sees Allen’s 30,000 vote margin “heading towards zero” and foresees a replay of Florida 2000.
Fox says that Missouri’s urban areas, which will favor McCaskill, haven’t reported yet and that Talent may have underperformed in key areas that should have favored him heavily. If true, then all may hinge on Virginia.
But the Steele campaign says the networks declared him the loser too soon, and that he still has a shot.
UPDATE: The Washington Post apparently has pulled its call for Cardin, but Fox isn’t moving. I note that Steele has a two percentage point lead with something like 45 percent of the vote counted. Republican gubernatorial candidate Ehrlich has a five point lead and has been declared the loser. It’s not a good sign for Steele that he’s running behind Ehrlich. Steele presumably will have to do very well among as-yet-uncounted black voters to have a shot.


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