Major E.’s plan for victory

The Weekly Standard has posted Eric Egland’s plan for victory in Iraq: “Six steps to victory. “ Egland — our friend and frequent correspondent Major E., a combat veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan — encourages readers to respond ([email protected]) and also to forward the column to deployed troops for their response as well. The Standard has also posted Frederick Kagan’s timely counterpart to plans for victory: “Reality check II.”
Please note that responses are also welcome from those who have not been there — especially regarding the grass-roots, free market recommendations:
– Giving deploying commanders a “venture capital investor” role in some new tech investing;
– Establishing sister-city relationships between US cities and deploying battalions using “wedding registries” to connect the public to the mission while getting the troops exactly what they need;
– Encouraging friendly competition between cities, with the Pentagon and media publicizing and recognizing the most supportive cities;
– Developing an effective counter-insurgency database with easy input and meaningful output.
For more on Major E., see his contribuion to Matthew Burden’s The Blog of War: Front Line Dispatches from Soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan, his interview on CNN on theanniversary of 9/11, and the recent comments by Mrs. Bush on Major E. Major E. signs off his message to us: “Let’s win this!”


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