Power Line Forum Reorganized

The Power Line Forum has turned out to be very popular, but not quite in the way that we’d envisioned. We thought most people would make their way to the Forum via the News site by clicking on a “discuss” button to comment on a news story or blog post. Some do that, but most go straight to the Forum and start a topic on whatever they’re interested in at the moment. So what happened was that most of the action in the Forum was taking place in a somewhat chaotic “Miscellaneous” section.
We’ve now reorganized the layout of the main Forum page to correspond better to how people are using the site. We’ve added more general subject categories; you can now begin discussion threads in Media Bias; Election 2006 (soon to become Election 2008); the Global War on Terror (including, of course, Iraq); Academic Absurdities; the Judiciary (we may come up with a catchier name at some point); Illegal Immigration; Family and Community; and Patsy’s (no, I’m not going to explain, you have to go look. But it has to do with culture commentary.) There are also still forums to discuss Power Line posts as well as posts by the Blog of the Week and the other sites that we feature on Power Line News. And there is still a “General” category for the pigeons that don’t fit into one of the other holes.
We think this organization will make the forum site more fun and easier to navigate. Over the next 24 hours, we will move some of the threads in the current “General” section to new homes; we’d appreciate it if, going forward, posters try to start topic threads in the appropriate space.
If you haven’t already checked out the Forum, you should. If you want to post, go here to register; it takes only a few seconds.


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