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Reader Lee DeConvick asks regarding Hezbollah’s crowd in Beirut yesterday: “How many were there?”
Michael Hirst reports in the Telegraph: “200,00 call for Lebanon’s US puppet to go.”
Christopher Allbritton reports in the San Francisco Chronicle: “Anti-government march draws 1 million in Beirut.”
CTV reports: “Thousands attempt to overthrow Lebanon gov’t” (suggesting 800,000).
Lee also asks: “Can you believe anything coming out of this cesspool?” I’m pretty sure he’s referring to Beirut.
PAUL adds: Crowd estimates are always subject to dispute. The Jerusalem Post used an estimate of 800,000. I believe they got that from the police. Hezbollah claimed the crowd was larger.
A demonstration last week to protest the latest killing of an anti-Syrian leader drew a crowd that was estimated at “several hundred thousand.” Everyone seems to agree that the Hezbollah crowd was much larger. According to the JPost, it filled not only the city square the previous week’s protester had used by additional squares, streets, and parking areas.


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