“Buenos dios” 2008 cheap shots

Mitt Romney has enhanced his stature among conservatives at the expense of the Boston Globe (see here, for example). Now the Globe has tried to hit back, and in doing so has shown once again why it is appropriate for Romney to treat it like a punching bag.
The Globe reports that Romney uses illegal immigrants to take care of the lawn of his estate. More precisely, Romney uses a lawn-care company that apparently employs illegals, some of whom it sent to take care of Romney’s lawn. According to the Globe, the Governor even went so far to greet at least one of the illegals by saying “buenos dias.”
Of course, there is no evidence that Romney had any idea that this guy or any of his comrades are illegal. Nor is this something he should have known. Romney contracted with a legitimate company; that company hired the illegals. Romney is no more culpable than I am if I go to a restaurant that employs illegal aliens as waiters or busboys (or the Globe is if one of its vendors employs illegals). It’s true that I don’t use Spanish in these circumstances, but I have been known to leave a modest tip.


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