A call for help

Brigitte Gabriel is scheduled to speak at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor this evening. Emails have gone out to the Arab students urging them to come to the event and “disrupt” it. It actually urges “all Muslim brothers and sisters to do what they need to do to disrupt this event.” Here is a quote from one of their multiple emails: “Muslims, Arabs, and their friends and allies should give Gabriel a proper welcome.” Gabriel writes:

Last week Tom Tancredo’s talk at Michigan State University Law School was disrupted and he was attacked. The same kind of disruption happened at Columbia when the Minuteman Project came and mayhem ensued. We are expecting the same thing tomorrow at Ann Arbor against me. This has become a pattern to silence anyone speaking in defense of America, Israel and our civilization.
I need your help. For those of you who are located in the Michigan area or close to the university please show up and support the lecture. For those of you who are in law enforcement, Department of Homeland Security, FBI, CIA, and Police officers I need your help to protect me and provide security at the lecture as well as accompany me for my different media interviews in Detroit.

If you are able and willing to volunteer to provide security, please contact Linda by email [email protected]
JOHN adds: Also, if anyone can attend and bring a video camera, we’d be very interested in putting up any interesting footage of what happens. You can send it to us at [email protected] You can use a service like YouSendIt if that helps.


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