Northern Alliance Radio Network, First Hour

The first hour of our radio show yesterday was lots of fun. We talked about the ISG report, and the “realist” fantasy that Iran will change its murderous policies if the world says “Bad Mullahs!” We discussed the attitude of the media in general, and the Minneapolis Star Tribune in particular, toward Christianity, especially the Catholic church, in the context of a play that is about to open in Minneapolis called “The Pope and the Witch.” We contrasted the Strib’s enthusiasm for this anti-Catholic satire with its attitude toward satire, in cartoon form, that has been directed toward a somewhat less forgiving religion. James Lileks called in with a less than full-throated defense of his employer. In the last segment, we played several contenders for “Loon of the Week” honors before awarding the palm to an anchorman who’s counting on a washed-up Democratic politician to save the world.
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