The flying imams: Connecting the dots

Star Tribune columnist Katherine Kersten has not gotten the word from editor Anders Gyllenhaal that the story of the flying imams has played itself out. In an important column for tomorrow’s paper, Kersten opens up some new avenues of investigation: “Suspicions about imams grow as terror links pile up.” I won’t try to summarize the evidence compiled by Kersten here, with Kersten promising to build on it in her next column. I urge you to read this column in its entirety and stay tuned into this important story.
JOHN adds: Kathy is an opinion columnist, and a superb one. Here, though, hasn’t she done the kind of reporting that the Strib’s reporters should have been doing for the last two weeks? How does the Strib’s management feel about the fact that if they hadn’t hired a single, token conservative columnist, their readers never would have learned basic facts about an important story that happened in their own back yard?
I don’t know, maybe that’s how they want it.


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