After midnight

I spoke at length last night with my friend Rachel Paulose, the United States Attorney for the District of Minnesota (above). Rachel was confirmed by unanimous consent in the Senate’s last act of this session at 3:00 a.m. on Saturday morning. I noted Rachel’s confirmation over the weekend in “Success at an early age.” Last week I spoke with Rachel to offer some encouragement before she met with Senator Dayton in Washington, whose support turned out to be critical to her confirmation.
I noted in that post that when I spoke with her before she met with Senator Dayton on Wednesday, I told her that if things didn’t work out for her in the legal profession, she could always go into modelling. Rachel laughed and recalled her grandparents, who had fled persecution by the Communists in East Asia to come as immigrants to the United States with seven dollars in their pockets. She said she thought it would take a miracle for her confirmation to occur this session, but that her family (devout Christians) believes in miracles.
A reader commenting on the post here at the Power Line Forum asked whether Rachel’s grandparents are still alive. I passed on that question last night to Rachel. She advised that her grandparents are indeed alive, that they cried tears of joy at the news of her confirmation Saturday morning and are planning to join her at her swearing-in. I hope to return to the story when I have a little more time tonight or tomorrow.