Singing Senators

Last night, we put up a video of former CIA chief James Woolsey, performing with former Doobie Brothers guitarist “Skunk” Baxter. The video also featured a cameo appearance by John Ashcroft, who really can sing, and it briefly mentioned Orrin Hatch. I wrote:

The video mentions Orrin Hatch, too, but doesn’t show him performing. That stimulates a dim memory that he, too, can sing. Senator Hatch has been known to read this site from time to time; Senator, I’f you’ve got an MP3 of yourself performing–preferably live!–send it in and we’ll put it up.

That triggered this very kind email from Senator Hatch:

To my Power Line friends,
I just write music. Sorry, I don’t perform. However, if you would like to hear some of it, I will mail you some cds. Let me know your addresss.
By the way, recently, I received my first gold and platinum records.
I love your work and read you regularly.
My best to you and for your further success. Keep up the good work.
Your friend,
Orrin Hatch
U.S. Senator — Utah

We are constantly humbled by the realization that many truly remarkable people read our site and find value in it. You can check out Senator Hatch’s work here. He writes mostly religious and patriotic music. Here is a sample cut, Many Different Roads, from the album of the same name:

PAUL adds: To me, the singing Senators will always be Albie Pearson, Roy Sievers, Jim Lemon, Tex Clevenger, Russ Kemmerer and their ring-leader, Hall of Fame broadcaster Bob Wolff. They even had several seven-minute segments on the “Today” show.


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