Too Crazy for the Dems

We haven’t said anything about Cindy Sheehan for a long time. What’s interesting is that neither, for the most part, have the Democrats. Mainstream liberals have dropped her like a hot potato as her nuttiness has increasingly been revealed.
Blog of the Week Flopping Aces catches up with Sheehan’s latest wackiness, as Sheehan declines to join in the good will surrounding former Gerald Ford’s death. Why? Because the Iraq war is Gerald Ford’s fault:

I believe his pardon of Richard Nixon is one of the factors that have led to the untimely deaths of over 3000 American soldiers and hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians in the Middle East.

You can probably guess the logic:

[S]ince Nixon got away with his blatant crimes and every President since Nixon has skated away from office after having committed overt and covert crimes, we have on our hands, here, a situation that I am forced now to call: “Bloody George.”
Bloody George definitely has a valid reason for believing that he is above the law, because no president in our history has had to pay for any crimes that they have committed. Wars keep occurring because the ones who entangle our citizens in these bloodbaths for profit leave their office and go on to lead comfortably splendid lives surrounded by people who love them.
Tens of thousands of young people who had plans for their futures and loving families who wanted them around until they were 93 (at least) were sentenced to early graves by politicians who receive no sentences for their earthy transgressions.

Got that? “Every President” since Nixon has “skated away from office after having committed overt and covert crimes.” No wonder the Democrats don’t want to touch Sheehan with a stick. But there’s more: note that “tens of thousands of young people” were killed because of these politicians who “skated.” That can only be a reference to Vietnam. But, as one of the Buzzflash commenters points out, this ruins Sheehan’s theory that it’s Gerald Ford’s fault:

jfk started our involvement in vietnam, and this involvement was accelerated by lbj, richard nixon was in office when he inherited our involvement in vietnam, jfk and lbj are your war criminals

Yes, that’s the ticket! Every President from Kennedy to the present was a criminal who should have been impeached and, what? Shot?
That’s not exactly a message the Democrats want to be associated with, just as they are about to assume control of Congress. No wonder Ms. Sheehan, her “absolute moral authority” apparently having evaporated, is now relegated to the outer fringes of the internet.
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