Famous last words

Echoing the recently deceased American President Gerald Ford in an interview with Bob Woodward, Saddam Hussein said before his death last night that he opposed the American war that deposed him, the Washington Post has learned. “George Bush is a liar. He should be the one to be hanged, not me,” said the late Iraqi president. “I can never forgive him for what he has done.”
“I love peace,” Mr. Hussein added. “Like Jesus, like the prophet Muhammad, I love all people. George Bush is a butcher,” Mr. Hussein said.
Mr. Hussein also condemed the trial that resulted in his death sentence. “You call this due process? George Bush has abrogated habeas corpus, what we call the Great Writ.” Mr. Hussein said. “This is widely recognized, even in the United States.” Mr. Hussein said this was another reason the American president deserved to die, not he.
“And the WMDs,” Mr. Hussein said, “what a lie. George Bush is a liar.” Mr. Hussein said. “I am a man of peace, love and understanding. If I may quote Nick Lowe, what’s so funny about peace, love and understanding?”
UPDATE: On an utterly inspired note, Scott Ott reports: “WMD found hanging from rope in Iraq.” Scott comments on my report: “Mr. Hussein would have granted that interview only on the condition that it be embargoed until after his demise, since he made remarks critical of the sitting U.S. president.” How’d he know?
JOHN adds: It’s nice to see that Saddam was permitted access to newspapers right up to the end. Here he is getting outfitted with a noose:
None too soon.
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