From Minneapolis to Oslo

I was struck by the similarities in the support expressed for the Islamic Courts Union by Somali refugees in Minneapolis and in Oslo. They are not keen on the job Ethiopians are doing to remove the ICU from power. I wonder how long American immigration policy can ignore the distinction between immigrants who identify with the enemies of the United States and those who do not. This seems to me a glaring example of a fundamental distinction which we can’t afford to overlook for much longer.
The photo above is by Jim Gehrz covering the Peavey Park protest reported in the Star Tribune article noting 1,000 Somalis in attendance. Where are the guys? It looks like it’s important to maintain male-female separation even when protesting the United States government.
UPDATE: Kenneth Sikorski has more here. Sikorski also links to this informative column by Jonathan Stevenson in last week’s Wall Street Journal.


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