A Correction, Finally

On December 31, we wrote about an issue raised by the Public Editor of the New York Times, Byron Calame, under the title “No Correction Necessary.” A cover story in the Times’ Sunday magazine last April purported to expose the horrors of life in El Salvador, where abortion is illegal. A centerpiece of the story was the tale of Carmen Climaco, who, according to the Times, was sentenced to 30 years in prison for having an abortion.
The issue that Calame brought to light was that the author of the article had failed to obtain court documents relating to the criminal prosecution that showed that Ms. Climaco was convicted not of abortion–that was her defense–but of murdering her baby after it was born. At the time of Calame’s Public Editor article, the newspaper’s management had decided that no correction was necessary, based in part, as the magazine’s editor wrote with unintended irony, on the claim that “El Salvador


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