A disingenuous slap at Christians

Mike Adams at Townhall has a good column on a display of “Christ-o-phobia” and arrogance by Gene Nichol, the new president of the College of William and Mary. Nichol decided to remove the cross from the altar of the college’s Wren Chapel. The 2-foot gold cross had graced the altar since the Great Depression when Bruton Parish Church donated it to William and Mary. Those using the Chapel who didn’t want the cross to be present could have it removed. In recent years, according to Adams, the cross was removed for approximately 15 to 20% of wedding celebrations in the Chapel.
But Nichol found this common sense system objectionable and decided to change it. Initally, he simply had the cross removed. Then, he agreed to have it displayed on Sunday, but hidden away for the rest of the week.
According to Adams, Nichol had the cross removed without any input from students, faculty, staff, or alumni. However, he may have had input from his wife, Glenn George, a professor at William and Mary law school. Adams notes that when Professor George was counsel for the University of Carolina, Chapel Hill she waged war against that school’s religious organizations. Her objective was to force religious groups to admit and empower individuals hostile to their religion. It took a court order to stop her.
Nichol’s decision feels like an attempt to impose his sensibilties and those of his wife on the rest of the community under the pretense that the cross offends “others.” His unwillingness to consult with others reinforces that feeling.
Here’s more on the story. Those wishing to sign a petition to save the cross can go here.
SCOTT adds: Tom Lipscomb also addresses the subject in a good column for the Richmond Times-Dispatch: “Regal, not legal: The feather merchants at W & M.”


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