The “loyal” opposition

A Fox News poll shows that, by a margin of 59 percent to 36 percent, Ameicans expect our surge of troops in Iraq not to succeed. These numbers essentially track President Bush’s favorabililty rating. Had I been polled, I would have been in the 5 percent that is undecided.
Polls about what’s going to happen in the future don’t interest me except in special circumstances. But there is one fascinating result in this poll — only 63 percent of Americans, and only 51 percent of Democrats want the troop surge to succeed (see question #19). One-third of Dems apparently wish for the failure of an American military mission against al Qaeda, radical Islamist militias, and death squads, and for the slaughter in Baghdad to continue unabated. 15 percent of Dems aren’t sure whether that’s what they want.
Via NRO’s Corner
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