Let’s not, and say we did

Hillary Clinton has announced that she’s in the race for president. She added that she “not just starting a campaign,” she’s “beginning a conversation with. . .America.” Claiming that “the conversation in Washington has been just a little bit one-sided lately,” Clinton implored the American people: “Let’s talk. Let’s chat.”
I guess she had to say something other than “please vote for me,” but I’m not sure how many Americans really want to chat with Hillary Clinton. The only level at which she’s genuinely interesting is one that surely would be off-limits in any conversation.
Her husband actually might be fun to talk with. However, the chats that occurred during his administration weren’t very fruitful. The one that Hillary led concerning health care was a closed, one-sided affair that produced catastrophic results for Clinton (or at least his party) and potentially catastrophic results for the nation (had Hillary-care been enacted). And let’s not forget (for purposes of this post, anyway) the farcical national conversation about race, essentially an attempt to hector Americans into abandoning their hopes for something like a color-blind society.
I could probably endure a Hillary Clinton presidency, but only if we don’t have to chat.
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