Let’s not, and say we did, part 2

Yesterday Paul professed that he thought he could probably endure a Hillary Clinton presidency so long as he doesn’t have to take her up on her invitation to chat. But how about a Clinton/Obama administration? Mark Steyn thinks that the Clinton machine is seriously threatened by the Obama boomlet, and he may be right: “Media are gonna Barack around the clock.” The video announcement of his candidacy that confided in You (text here) was perfectly calculated to appeal to Time’s Person of the Year.
I don’t understand the party faithful who will determine the Democratic presidential candidate. I don’t know if I can endure the Democratic primaries, let alone whatever Democratic administration may lie in store. But I think the Obama boomlet is the prelude to a Clinton/Obama ticket. Paul, can you endure a Clinton/Obama administration?
PAUL responds: I probably wouldn’t make it past the pre-inaugural week celebration of diversity.
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