A presence and then some

Just yesterday, in questioning whether Rudy Giuliani is serious about running for president, I noted that we at Power Line have seen no evidence of a Giuliani internet presence. Today, however, the Washington Post reports that Patrick Ruffini has signed on with Giuliani’s presidential campaign as an e-campaign adviser. Ruffini did a great job in the same role for the Bush campaign in 2004. He went on to perform similar services for the Republican National Committee. So Rudy now has that base covered.
The Post also reports that Giuliani has selected Brent Seaborn as his director of strategy. Seaborn will help the campaign select a pollster and a media consultant. The Romney and McCain campaigns did these things a while ago, but it’s still only January 2007 so Rudy has plenty of time. The important thing is that he seems to getting into gear.


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