Nice Going, John

Yesterday we noted John Kerry’s disgraceful performance at the World Economic Forum in Switzerland. Today, in the Power Line Forum, Glenn Bowen points out the follow-up from the Middle East. Click to enlarge:

And, from the FARS News Agency:

Kerry Backs Up Iran’s N. Rights
Former US presidential nominee John Kerry voiced full support for the Islamic Republic’s right to use civilian nuclear technology on the basis of the rules and regulations of the Non-Proliferation Treaty.
Addressing a world Economic Forum meeting in Davos Switzerland on Saturday, Kerry also strongly rejected West’s demanded prerequisites for the resumption of nuclear talks with Iran.
Kerry, whose remarks followed a speech by Iran’s former President Seyed Mohammad Khatami, stated his support for Khatami’s views, and said Americans find out – only when they are outside their country – that the world is different from what they imagine.
“We should give up pessimism and pick up a realistic view,” he said, and further stressed the need for the US to change its policies towards the world countries and issues.

Thanks, John. You’re a really big help.
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