Depressing Art: Is It Any Good?

Regular Power Line Forum readers know that my favorite Forum is Patsy’s, where culture and the arts are discussed and sometimes debated. So that’s the logical place to locate discussion of this post on Libertas, a site devoted to critiques of motion pictures from a conservative perspective.
The post critiques the Sundance Film Festival that has just ended, replete as usual with depressing, anti-American films, and is titled, “Gloomy Sundance Reflects Lazy Filmmaking.” An excerpt:

Not always, but for the most part, a dark, cynical take on things is the easy way out for an artist. Politics aside, the glut of these kinds of films reflects a dearth of talent in contemporary filmmaking. Successful art makes its audience feel something. So, a piece of art in the form of a film that makes the viewer feel ugly, dirty, depressed, or ill is in itself successful, but it


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