Global Warming: Let’s Have More!

When I drove to the Patriot this morning to do our radio show, the temperature was thirteen degrees below zero. Which made today an ideal day to discuss global warming. We haven’t written yet, on this site, about the U.N. report that came out yesterday, trumpeting the claim that human-caused global warming has now been more or less proved. But Brian “St. Paul” Ward and I spent almost the entire first hour of our radio show talking about the “climate change” issue. There was plenty of science and, as always when Brian is present, no shortage of humor.
Just for fun, I created this three-minute clip to give our readers a sense of the conversation:

In the last segment, we awarded our coveted Loon of the Week to a superloon who, so to speak, came out retirement to lend her looniness to the public debate one more time. You can probably guess her identity, but still shouldn’t miss the award ceremony.
You can download or just listen to the podcast here. Or, as always, you can subscribe to our podcasts on iTunes by going here.
UPDATE: Chad the Elder writes from the Philippines:

I caught the last half hour of the show. Nice work. It’s 2:50am on Sunday morning here in Manila. And it’s a little chilly too. Highs barely reached the mid-eighties today.


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