Bill Clinton, with the decency to stammer, Part Two

It appears that the Edwards campaign is going to retain its unhinged, anti-Catholic bloggers after all, although the statement Edwards has released doesn’t actually come out and say so. The statement is also lacking in the intellectual honenty department — it focuses on the bloggers’ foul language, not the anti-Catholic sentiment behind it. Edwards continues to fall short of Bill Clinton, who at least had his “Sister Souljah moment.” Edwards appears to be having a Jimmy Carter “more mush from the wimp” moment.
If the campaign keeps Marcotte and the other lefty blogger, it will be a clear sign of weakness — powerful evidence that Edwards needs the unhinged element of his party so desperately in his quest to overcome Hillary Clinton that he can’t dump a pair of infantile bloggers who, at a minimum, will constitute a liability in the unlikely event the party nominates him.
The bloggers themselves also seem pretty desperate. Apparently, they need this gig so badly that they don’t mind being told to “shut up and sing.”
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