In his announcement speech last week Senator Obama gave us his own version of “The Big Rock Candy Mountain,” as Paul points out below. Then he insulted Australian Prime Minister John Howard and Australia’s contribution to the war effort in Iraq. Several readers wrote to point out that Senator Obama’s reference to Prime Minister Howard as “one of George W. Bush’s allies” overlooked the fact that Australia is America’s ally, not President Bush’s ally. It’s a fundamental distinction that even a United States senator should be able to grasp.
On Saturday at Iowa State University he lamented “over 3,000 lives of the bravest young Americans wasted” in Iraq. By the time he met up with the editors of the Des Moines register, Obama was characterizing his reference to wasted lives as “sort of a slip of the tongue as I was speaking.” Senator Obama’s “slips of the tongue” cross Obama with abomination in a phenomenon that I am dubbing Obamanations. I have the sense that we have heard only the first few installments of a continuing series.


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