The road back to Kansas

I first spoke with Professor David Perlmutter when he was teaching journalism at Louisiana State University and sought me out to interview me for his book Blogwars: The New American Political Battleground that is to be published this year by Oxford University Press. Professor Perlmutter has now moved on to become the associate dean at the University of Kansas William Allen White School of Journalism and Mass Communications.
Tonight Professor Perlmutter is hosting Blog to the Chief: The Impact of Blogs on the Presidential Election at the University of Kansas Dole Institute of Politics, as part of the Dole Institute’s annual presidential lecture series. I’ll be participating together with Patrick Hynes of the McCain campaign, Erick Erickson of RedState, and influential left-wing bloggers Joan McCarter and Jersome Armstrong.
Professor Perlmutter has posted a preview of the event together with his moderator’s introduction in Presidential Blogging 101. I hope you’ll turn out and join us tonight if you can make it.
UPDATE: Hugh Hewitt expresses the hope that C-SPAN will cover the event. Professor Perlmutter has advised us that C-SPAN will be taping the event for broadcast at a later date.


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