Introducing Power Line AOL

We are pleased to announce a new relationship between Power Line and AOL. As part of its effort to develop more unique, cutting-edge content, AOL, beginning this afternoon, is hosting five bloggers on its news pages. Posts by all of those individuals or groups are aggregated on the Newsbloggers page. It’s an interesting group; two of the five focus more on culture than politics; there is a liberal group blog called Young Turks; and Dinesh D’Souza holds down the conservative wing along with us. The Newsblogger page is linked off AOL’s main news page.
We have our own page on which our AOL posts appear here. The site is functional now, although a few tweaks will be made in the near future. We will be posting unique content every day on the AOL site.
What’s in it for us? More traffic, we hope. AOL’s news site gets lots of views, and we hope some of them like what they see on our AOL page and come here for more. As the relationship develops, we also may benefit from AOL’s multimedia resources.
Beyond that, of course, we all felt that we just weren’t spending enough time on our hobby!