Halloween Comes Early

The Democrats’ recent conclave in Nevada made news on a number of fronts, but, if you’re like me, you probably saw little or none of it. The good news is that filmmaker Andrew Marcus has put together a highlight video that spares us hours of painful viewing. The bad news is that it’s scary enough to make you get out the checkbook and look up the address of the Republican National Committee. The comedic highlight, not surprisingly, is Dennis Kucinich. Dancing Dennis steals the show at the end:

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UPDATE: I had to disable the video because it was causing the site not to open on some computers. I’ve now put it back up; Joe Malchow uploaded it to our Brightcove site. It’s in the Power Line Video format, and you’re welcome to take the embed code and put it up on your web site if you’d like; but if you do, please be sure to credit Andrew Marcus.


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