John Edwards — the kowtow continues

John Edwards continues his effort to carve out a niche as the Democratic contender who will kowtow most cravenly to leftist bloggers. First, he kept on two over-the-top leftist bloggers even after they had been revealed as anti-Catholic bigots. Now he’s agreed under pressure to boycott a Fox News candidates’ debate in Nevada.
As president, would Edwards take his cue for which media outlets to boycott from the Daily Kos and either inhabitants of the far left? Fortunately, I don’t think we’ll find out.
It will be interesting to see how Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama react. Presumably, they will be reluctant to leave Edwards in a position to claim for himself the affections of the so-called netroots. But Hillary has no chance with that cadre anyway; following Edwards’ lead can’t help her. And it will be difficult to run as a national unifier, and thereby compete effectively for independent votes with the likes of Giuliani or McCain, if you’ve boycotted Fox News under pressure from the left.
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