What country does Zbigniew Brzezinski live in?

Zbigniew Brzezinski was the national security adviser to Jimmy Carter. Given the disastrous foreign policy of those harrowing years, you wonder how anyone can take him seriously, and it’s questionable whether, for decades, many people did. These days, however, Brzezinski is attempting rather successfully to ride hatred of President Bush back into the national debate.
In his latest contribution, Brzezinski claims that our nation is “terrorized” by the war on terror. I fear the old boy doesn’t get out much among his fellow Americans. As one who rides at least twice a day nearly every day on the Washington D.C. subway (Metro) — a known target of terrorists — I can assure Brzezinski that there is an utter absence of terror in that venue. Nor do I detect the slightest trace of fear when I visit key buildings such as the Pentagon (which was attacked on 9/11) and the U.S. Capitol (which might have been). As far as I can tell, the same is true at the nation’s airports, except when imams start praising Osama bin Laden and ordering spare equipment they don’t need.
This absence of fear is due in part to the human spirit and its American incarnation. But it’s also due to the fact that we haven’t been attacked at home for more than five years. And, unless one believes in the tooth fairy, it’s counterintuitive to deny that this happy state of affairs owes much to the fact that our government took the threat of terrorism seriously and acted aggressively to thwart terrorists. In short, our government has been preoccupied with the threat of terrorism so we wouldn’t have to be.
The only Americans I know who are living in fear are folks like Brzezinski whose partisanship and hatred of the president has caused them to suffer from a strange form of hysteria.
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