Duke wins “the game that wasn’t played”

This weekend, the Duke lacrosse team took on Georgetown, at Georgetown, in a contest full of symbolic meaning for the Blue Devils. This was the match that Duke cancelled last year at this time in the wake of rape allegations against team members, allegations that turned out to be bogus. Duke would not play again in 2006. The 2007 Georgetown match could thus be viewed as a renewal for Duke, following a very sad chapter in school’s history. And the game also had practical meaning, as both teams were rated in the top ten nationally.
Duke started very slowly and had only one goal at half-time. Fortunately, their goalie Dan Loftus was in top form, and Duke trailed only 3-1. Duke then rallied in the second half to win 6-4. Duke’s record now stands at 6-2 and the team is ranked 6th nationally.
Unfortunately, the book isn’t completely closed on the bogus rape charges. The accused players have incurred approximately $3 million in legal fees, but have raised only $835,000. Those wishing to contribute to the legal defense can do so here.


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