One more word from Sergeant Krueger

Sergeant Krueger has written to add a word on the issue between CNN and Senator McCain that we raised on “To our readers in Iraq.” Sergeant Krueger emphasizes that he of course speaks for himself alone in his personal capacity. Sergeant Krueger writes:

Senator McCain is incorrect on one point. No you cannot just go out and walk around if you were an American. It is not that safe yet, give the surge some time and the security situation will improve. But remember we are not here to make it safe enough for Americans to go out and get coffee and eat dinner here. Yes sectarian violence is down but that is because we are on the ground in force and doing operations with the assistance of the IA/IP’s. It is a complex situation here that Gen. Petraeus is taking command of, I would hope everyone would give the man some time and let the surge work.
In regard to the AQI attack on a military base that Ware spoke of: It was easily repulsed and the insurgents dealt with. It was one of their spectacular attacks that is meant to garner attention from the media but it does not accomplish anything of tactical/strategic value to them. They do not care if they lose 10 or 50 insurgents in an attack. And the alleged eight wounded Americans sustained only minor scratches, bruises and the like.
And yes the common Iraqi citizen may not pay a ot of attention to what happens in the political arena in the states but you can bet AQI pays attention and they know the leanings of the American public. The everyday Iraqi knows that if America leaves so goes all of their
security and any freedoms they have now. Tell Michael Ware to come
out here. We have all the services represented out here and they are all doing deeds that are beyond compare. We need not be setting the Iraqi government and their people up for failure. There are so many more things I could talk about but we get into operational security issues. Let everyone know that the US military will prevail just hang in there with us. Thank you for your continued support, Sir.
Semper Fi,
Steve Krueger

I believe the “Sir” whom Sergeant Krueger is thanking is our friend Bill Bennett, who has also posted Sergeant Krueger’s earlier message. We are of course grateful to Sergeant Krueger for his service and for the privilege of serving as a forum for his assessment.
The men putting their lives on the line for us every day are so far superior in maturity and responsibility to the likes of Nancy Pelosi and her Democratic colleagues as well as Wolf Blitzer et al., for that matter, that it should shame them.
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