Some came giggling, part 2

Raw Story has contacted AFP reporter Jennie Matthew, whose outrageously editorial account of the McCain/Graham press conference noted the presence of a giggling reporter at the back. Last night I wrote that Matthew’s account tended to support Drudge’s “exclusive report,” disputed by Ware, but Matthew states that Ware was not the guilty giggler (she doesn’t say who was and she seems vague on Ware). My call for Drudge to explain or apologize — not noted by Raw Story — stands.
I wrote Jennie Matthew this morning:

Jennie: I’ve been writing about the controversy over the Baghdad press conference that you covered in your AFP story…. Michael Roston [of Raw Story] has kindly provided me your email address. I wonder if you would be willing to identify the journalist sitting in back who was giggling at the press confereence.
Thanks for your consideration.

Jennie Matthew promptly responded:

Scott: I’m afraid I cannot.

As I read that, she can — but she chooses not to.


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