Fred Thompson serves up red meat at red state

Fred Thompson graces one of our favorite blogs, Red State, with commentary on Iran’s release of the British sailors. Though I don’t agree that the affair represents quite as much of a victory for Iran as Thompson portrays, many of his observations seem spot on. Like this one:

It is critical that we see this incident as part of a long pattern of behavior — that will continue as long as the current leadership is in power. More importantly, it will escalate unimaginably if Iran achieves nuclear status, and with it the ability to hold millions rather than individuals hostage.

I also enjoyed this one:

Some in the West seem part of Iran’s propaganda war; claiming that the release of the hostages was a victory that proves the Iranian dictatorship can be reasoned with. To misrepresent unpunished piracy as a victory is as Orwellian as the congressional mandate banning use of the term “the global war on terror.” What are we


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