A feeding frenzy close to home

It’s both painful and disquieting to watch a friend (United States Attorney Rachel Paulose) become the subject of a media feeding frenzy in a story with protagonists including acquaintances whom I like and respect (Assistant United States Attorneys Jim Lackner and Andy Dunne). The First Assistant and two division heads in the office of the United States Attorney for Minnesota headed by Rachel have resigned their supervisory positions to return to the line.
None of the three has publicly explained his resignation in his own name. The reportage quotes anonymous sources who may or may not include any of the three. Yesterday’s New York Times recapped the story while yesterday’s Star Tribune reported the most recent developments.
I know nothing about the story in addition to what has been reported in the newspapers. The Times puts this explanation at the top of its story:

Several of their associates described the action as a protest over what the three deputies regarded as Ms. Paulose


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